Website audits

Website audits help identify SEO and accessibility problems and solutions on your website

Is your site bringing in the customers it should be?

It’s important to know whether your website is working for you, who is visiting it and what they are looking at. It’s also useful to know what they are searching for and why they leave your site. Basic analytics can give you some of these answers but a thorough audit of how your website is performing and crucially, how you can make it better, is a valuable and cost-effective exercise. Think of it as an MOT for your site.

Our audits will tell you:

  • Whether potential customers are finding you
  • how your site performs compared to rivals
  • what key words are working – and which aren’t
  • how search engines see your site
  • what simple changes you can make to boost your SEO
  • which pages are most popular with prospective clients…
  • …and which send them the other way.

This invaluable service costs just £100.

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