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Our 'Hot topics' give you tips to improve your website performance.

Marketing is anything which supports your sales effort – and websites are a key part of that. We believe that a holistic approach to marketing will raise your company profile and ensure you reach the widest possible customer base with a message of quality in all you do.

Our top tips for marketing include:

  1. Have a consistent brand image with logo and a simple key message which speaks to your audience.
  2. Have a strategy. Know who your target audience is, what you wish to communicate and how you will measure the results. Think of concentric rings of influence: you need to reach customers; those who influence customers; and the sector of the economy in which those two groups move.
  3. Have good corporate photography and if possible put some of it on your website for people to download and use. Journalists, researchers, procurement advisors are often looking for associated images they can borrow – and they are selling your company while doing their job.
  4. Make information about yourselves as widely available as possible. Have a strong PR strategy and follow through on it.
  5. If you have new good news to tell send e-newsletters to customers and potential customers. People like to be kept informed if it is relevant to them – so changes in legislation, innovations you have made, money you have saved clients, anything which makes you a better logistics provider – these are things they need to know.
  6. Don’t take short-cuts. Anything which is poor quality will suggest that your company is poor quality. Use professional writers, photographers and designers whenever possible – they should more than earn their keep.
  7. Get every ounce of value from your website. With just a little bit of time and investment it can be your greatest marketing tool. For more information see Business Link’s advice on creating a marketing strategy

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