Hot topics: Search optimising your website

Our ‘Hot topics’ give you tips to improve your website performance.

Search optimisation gives your site the best chance of being found by as many people as possible. Here are our top tips for achieving good SEO.

  1. List 15 key words to act as meta tags and to be spread through your page copy.
  2. Have concise and specific page descriptions
  3. Build as many links into your site as possible, both internal (to other pages/sections) and external (to other sites). The more your website offers help finding information the higher its page ranking.
  4. Prioritise linking to sites with a good page ranking. Google sees these as having authority and will therefore rank you higher by association.
  5. Don't cheat the system and don’t let an agent cheat for you – Google penalises sites that try dirty tricks.
  6. Emphasise being a top-class information portal for your sector – if you think in terms of educating your viewer about your subject you will produce a better website, a high page rank and a more effective sales tool.
  7. Link to forums, comment on blogs – get involved with the debates about your industry on the internet. Each comment you leave can be linked back to your website.
  8. Invest time. SEO is like a customer relationship – it takes time to build and you never stop working at it.
  9. For more tips on SEO see Google's webmaster tips
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